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June 3rd 2015: The Birth.

MELO was officially born on June 3rd 2015 at the Notary Office of Dr. Franco Treccani in Brescia. It is a Limited Liability Company, the initial share capital of which was 40.000 Euro. At its formation its shareholders were: Massimo Spagnoli: Dental technician with 25 years of professional experience in his field; Tommaso Fornasari: fiscal...
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November 12th 2015: share capital increase and new share holders.

Rumors created by the press leaks, draw the interest of ENNIO FRANCESCHETTI - leading member of Gefran S.p.A. as well as FRANCESCO FRANCESCHETTI - Chairman of Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri. Since immdeately their proposal of joining the company is appreciate and estimated in respect of economical and financial support as well as in foresight to support...
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December 20th 2015: a TV spot

In cooperation with our associated 5e6 s.r.l., well known movies productions company in Brescia, Melo approaches as serious marketing, nationally structured and based on a TV spot which is sent on Sky channels, on Discovery Channel platform and particularly on the Mediaset network. The highest Share moment is achieved during a sending on Saturday 26th...
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