Rumors created by the press leaks, draw the interest of ENNIO FRANCESCHETTI – leading member of Gefran S.p.A. as well as FRANCESCO FRANCESCHETTI – Chairman of Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri.
Since immdeately their proposal of joining the company is appreciate and estimated in respect of economical and financial support as well as in foresight to support such an innovative company.
The results of these always improving relationships between Melo and Messrs. Franceschetti are not far to come. On november 12th 2015 we came to a share capital increase up to € 50.400 Euro entirely paid as a reference company’s sum, thanks to this new shareholder “Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri” from Nigoline di Corte Franca (BS).

We wish to highlight that – also for the future company’s activities – how Co. Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri was already previously since this ‘iKo’ project’s dawn our raw material supplier, as well as a partner in our R&D activity, thanks to its own internal qualified laboratory and art facilities.

Joining the company by di Ennio and Francesco Franceschetti allows to consolidate all outstanding collaborations, as well as strengthen us eonomically and financially.

The Company team, so defined, needs a more complex administrative structture, based on a Board of Directors where Massimo Spagnoli becomes Chairman and Director, Luca Crotti as Vice-president, Matteo Carletti as Assistant Counselor.
The registered office is moved in Brescia, in Via Aldo Moro n. 10.
We are now in progress to achieve an operational headquarter more appropriate to the new improved company’s needs.