MELO was officially born on June 3rd 2015 at the Notary Office of Dr. Franco Treccani in Brescia.
It is a Limited Liability Company, the initial share capital of which was 40.000 Euro.

At its formation its shareholders were:
Massimo Spagnoli: Dental technician with 25 years of professional experience in his field;
Tommaso Fornasari: fiscal and tax advisor, now working as business consultant;
Veronica Bianchi: dentist, owning three laboratories in Brescia and Bergamo;
Marco Lebellini: expert in computer technology and programmation;
Emanuele Guerra: phyisicist and chemist, already in force at “Invatech” and “Enke”, as well as at Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri s.r.l.; Paolo Zoppelletto: Export manager, with direct experience diretta in the automotive sector in Finland and Sweden; Luca Crotti, legal advisor in Brescia with long time experience;
“5e6 s.r.l.”: company in Brescia active in the audio/video productions, lead by its founder Mr. Graziano Chiscuzzu.

The company appoints Massimo Spagnoli as sole Director.

This company’s team represents a set of skills in force to this start up, enriching it with an intangible heritage made up of solid and faithful human resources, out of the ordinary recruitment of labor forces.

All shareholders joined Melo consciously with responsibility and enthusiasm, thanks to the the running-in period acquired in the previous three years, helping them to fix their positions and roles,as well as create a strong team spirit among each other.

Human relationships are always the basic element our company’s choices and, shearing loyalty, transparency and respect for people and enviroment is the base of our company’s ethics.