Between June and July all Iko & Ilo products are refined, manufactured and prepared to be launched on the market. In the same way, in parallel to human and company’s relationships, a great commercial development alternate with great pace.
Melo’s first box sold is delivered to the Prandi Pharmacy in Torbole Casaglia (Bs). After this pharmacy there have been other 75 sales in three weeks in Brescia and province lapping the neighboring provinces of Mantova, Cremona and Bergamo. At the beginning of September our products are sold in further 10 pharmacies.
During the months prior to this sampling, Melo started parallel to contact a national distributor.
Our relationships with the several distributors were conditioned by the lack of company’s story and by the extreme novelty of our products. We came anyway to serious contacts with the distributor EFAS S.p.A. in Bologna with which we structured our products for an impulse sales.
Anyway in the late spring this distributor has been taken over by the Unilever corporation. The presence of products in direct competition with MELO’s launch products didn’t allow the start of our distribution plans.