MELO is a Start-Up of young entrepreneurs who, through research and sustainability, are committed to develop innovations in the hygiene and human health sector.
It takes care of you, aiming to do it with a new sensibility.
Melo’s main objective is the in-depth study of the features of everyday products to improve them, or if necessary, replace them by inventing new ones.
MELO has the support of leading Italian companies of the business, in cooperation with whom is developing new products and solutions, thanks to its constant study and research, as well as its innovative materials and design, built around ideas.
Italian from concept to production, taking care of the environment.
MELO aims to improve even slightly the lives of every one of us.


Scopri quali sono i cardini del nostro agire.


We work with agile and slender structures and
processes, giving much importance to maximizing both the efficiency of materials and energy, as well as the work itself: this helps to ensure competitive prices for our products, ensuring a wide spread on a global scale.
Proper remuneration of our stakeholders is thus ensured through continue improvements in efficiency and the constant reduction of waste through careful processes of selection of raw materials and production techniques.


We are aware of our responsibilities in the economic, environmental and social fields.
In our products we use only 100% recyclable materials, paying attention to the environmental impact of all our processes and promote the use of renewable energy systems in order to avoid compromising the availability of resources for those who come after us.
Our goal is to protect the climate and the natural elements necessary for life.
We engage actively in support of education, science, art and culture as society’s values.