ILO melo

It’s designed to adapt to the unique shape of your mouth

ILO is the only soft and elastic dental floss that stretches to gently fit your mouth.

It’s designed to adapt to the unique shape of your mouth and release fluoride right where it’s needed and remove all the particles of food that are stuck between teeth.

Clean before it cleans

Thanks to its innovative material – Marfranmed – ILO helps restoring the natural PH of your mouth.

Designed with your gums in mind.

The proprietary medical compound was specifically developed to deeply clean your mouth and your gums in a gentle/not-traumatic way even with the most sensitive gums.

ILO adapts to your teeth interstice, releasing fluoride to eliminate germs in your mouth – particularly “streptococco mutans”, a bacteria known to cause cavities.

Always with you

You always carry it with you, to the cinema, at the airport, before a business meeting or after a dinner with friends, you can keep it comfortably in your pocket or purse and you will never have to give up a fresh and clean mouth.

100% Environmental friendly.

ILO is completely sustainable and recyclable.

Cruelty free

Only natural essences

Only certified essential oils

Ideal protection for your teeth

As easy and fun as playing.

Brushing your teeth will be as fun as playing: by releasing fluoride with each use, IKO KIDS helps prevent plaque and cavities.

Finally a new experience designed to let children experience oral care in a simple and fun way.

Light up your smile!

All the practicality of IKO and its cleaning power combined with Caolina Bianca: a powerful natural whitener.

Cleanliness and a dazzling smile always with you.