IRO melo

IRO is the only toothbrush cover that protects against 99.9% of bacteria.

Its special material gradually releases usnic acid, creating a powerful natural and eco-sustainable shield.

Its active ingredients regenerate automatically in 60 minutes after each use.

Your toothbrush will thank you.

Thanks to its special material (a medical polymer), IRO protects your toothbrush from bacteria present in your mouth and in your bathroom.

This is possibile thanks to the gradual release of usnic acid, a powerful natural anti-bacterial extracted from some particular species of lichens.

Suitable for all types of toothbrushes.

IRO has been designed to adapt to all types of toothbrushes: both manual and electric.

Thanks to its unique design, studied and developed by our research and development team, IRO manages to combine functionality with a pleasant visual experience.

Bristles always clean thanks to its unique design.

Thanks to the special internal texture IRO cleans the bristles of your toothbrush, electric or manual, because of the mechanical properties of its internal surface and due to exclusive active ingredients.

IRO gives you a toothbrush that is always and smells clean.

100% Environmental friendly.

IRO is completely sustainable and recyclable.

Thanks to its unique composition (made with a medical polymer), in addition to mechanically cleaning the bristles of the toothbrush, it sanitizes the head of your toothbrush thanks to usnic acid: a powerful natural antibacterial, ecological and biodegradable.

Cruelty free

Only natural essences

Only certified essential oils

Ideal protection for your teeth

As easy and fun as playing.

Brushing your teeth will be as fun as playing: by releasing fluoride with each use, IKO KIDS helps prevent plaque and cavities.

Finally a new experience designed to let children experience oral care in a simple and fun way.

Light up your smile!

All the practicality of IKO and its cleaning power combined with Caolina Bianca: a powerful natural whitener.

Cleanliness and a dazzling smile always with you.